Origins of Cashmere Cashmere is obtained from Capra Hircus...

Cashmere is obtained from Capra Hircus, a middle-sized goat that lives in the region of Kashmir, an area of the Central Asia extended among the territories of India, Pakistan, China and Mongolia.

There is an estimated population of 104 million goats in the world: China is the country with the greatest number – 75 million – while Mongolia offers the best quality even though only 9 million units are bred. Mongolia is an almost desert country (Gobi desert) constantly swept up by freezing winds; its territory is 5 times the Italian one, but it is populated only by 3 million people, nomads for the most who move their tends to follow their herds.

The goat, in order to survive, reaches even 5000/6000 m above the sea, where temperatures are really freezing – down to 30°C below zero – with a great temperature range between night and day. These terrible conditions determine the growth of a very strong coat and under coat able to prevent frostbite to goats.

So the more the environment hostile, the more coat is developed by goats to protect them from the bad weather. In better conditions, the coat of the animal loses its precious characteristics.